Super Easy Beachwaves


Ever wonder how some people have the time to doll up and make their hair look so good??  I came across this post, and thought I’d share it with you.

If any of you know me personally, I am really bad with hair, I only really know how to straighten it.  So when I say this is easy, believe me.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.05.35 AM

Divide your hair into sections and twist them. Twist thicker strands for looser waves, thinner strands for smaller waves. Use your straight iron and clamp your hair for 10-20 seconds, doing an inch at a time. Once done, do not release the hair, let it sit.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.05.18 AM

Repeat on each strand.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.05.48 AM

Let them sit for a bit.  I usually leave in until my make up is done, then I run my fingers through.  Add your desired product if you want them to stay in longer.



I love feedback so let me know your thoughts and comments.

<3 Jessica



Kaftan craze

Kaftans are this season’s must have, embraced by celebrity fashionista’s of all ages like Nicole Ritchie and Sharon Osborne. This beachwear attire is great not only for the beach but to go out for a bite to eat at a beach side town or a night out in the city. This hip trend is also great to express your personal style, from bohemian to classic.
You can play up your favorite Kaftan with flip-flops and jean shorts or with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and wedges. You can also pair it with a camisole, a nice pair of dress pants and your favorite stilettos.
Kaftans today are not like cover ups of the past. They boast shorter and longer hemlines sometimes with slits, either is great to show off your beautiful legs. Tapered bodices are evident in the modern kaftan and are sometimes accented with a belted waist to give you the perfect hourglass figure. Most have embellished necklines, which can vary in lengths from round to more plunging. Whatever style,cut, or length you choose there is a kaftan for you.

OOH Foot Candy?? Sounds Yummy!!!


Finally! Fashion for the FEET!!!

Have you ever felt your feet feeling plain even after you made them look all pretty with a nice french tip pedi?

Well, Foot Candy was definately the solution for my feet, especially since i dont have the nicest looking feet  :P

and the great part is, you can wear them with plain sandals or just by itself!


you can also match with the kaftans in the Zeugari Collection, it makes a perfect outfit for a stroll on the beach.

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