Be Smart in the Sun While Having Fun

Who doesn’t like a good dose of Sunny D!!

But without the proper protection, the sun and the UV rays can actually be your worse ENEMY!!

Most important bad effect- AGING and WRINKLES

Your skin being the largest organ of your body, Im sure you would want to keep it happy, but from the vain part of looking at it, skin is the inner layer of clothes you can’t change and a lot of people admire beautiful skin.

There is soo much information on why the UV rays are bad and how to prevent but I’m just going to list a few so you readers don’t get bored reading too much.  But if you are interested, make sure you google it!


- causes premature aging, rough skin, age and sun spots

- skin cancer

- lowers your immunity against infections

People with skin prototype 1 & 2 are more likely to feel these symptoms sooner.

(Type 1- always burns, never tans

Type 2- burns easily, tans minimally)

(leathery skin- good news- permanently tanned…. bad news- irreversible effect, not even with laser resurfacing)


So make sure you take the below precautions, and make sunscreen a priority (not just when you’re in the sun.  UV rays are all around you!! Even in your office!!)

- apply sunscreen 30 min before sun or UV exposure, overtop of your creams

- use SPF 15 and higher, daily use of SPF 15 is said to be more effective then using a higher SPF

- re-apply your sunscreen.  a common instructions is to re-apply 2 hours after being out in the sun, but studies show that re-applying half an hour after exposure is said to be more effective.  But make sure to re-apply after swimming and towelling down.  Remember the strongest sun is 10am to 2pm.


A great sunscreen that I highly recommended is the Shiseido Anessa Sunscreen!  SPF 50, and the amazing part of the cream?? NOT Oooily!!!!  I have an already naturally oily skin base, so when I use sunscreen, it just adds to my shine.  This product when you first squeeze out of the bottle, seems really wet, and oily.  But when applied to the skin, it pretty much dries non oily!!  So make sure you grab a bottle before heading out into the sun!